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It is a very good idea to munge your address on newsgroups (and many other locations).
Munging your Email address is changing enough of it so spambots will not be able to use the address.
Spambots are not normally smart enough to spot or correct munging.
The spybot owner usually will not take the time to search for munged addresses.
The result is a munged address attracts less spam, viruses etc.

Assume your address is
You do not want to change just the "windows" section.
Any munged address would still go to and tie up "", your ISP.
You need to change the last part, the part after the @ sign.
Such as ""
There are almost an unlimited way to munge the address.
Often people want the address so spybots miss it and yet others can decipher the munged address.
Munging like this makes it easier for people to decipher if they need to get a hold of you directly.
You also need to verify the domain "" does not exist.
If it exists, you are then causing them to get the spam and you may possibly be breaking the law.
Even the examples I used here were verified to not exist.
So the spambots will come, take these munged addresses and get lost.

Even though an address is munged but decipherable does not mean the person wishes to be contacted.
Most people on newsgroups prefer all contact to be through the newsgroups where everyone can benefit.

Outlook Express:
Open Outlook Express
Click "Tools"
Click "Account"
Click the account you want to munge.
Click "Properties"
E-mail Address is what needs to be munged.
You may also want to change the Name to an alias.

The procedures will be different for other newsreaders.  Consult the help files.

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