Windows Update Says the update is still needed


78f Error
824145 causes Scrolling Proplems
%1 from %2
0x800c0005 & 0x800c0008
0x80092026 or 0x800b0004
Access Denied Installing SP-2
Administrator Only
Active X needs to  be enabled
Cryptographic Services
Delete Update Uninstall files
Driver Updates
Force SP-2
Hang at 0%
Microsoft Update
Need Update again
Not a Valid Win 32
OE Removed access
Pay for patch?
Product Key Invalid
Quick to 100%
Service Pack Installation
Do not install SP-2
Update Loop
Windows XP Service Pack 2
You must be running


I installed an update a few days ago and now Windows Update says it is still needed.  I have installed this update several times.

If your issue relates to 828026, click here

1.  Verify if the update is or is not successfully installed by looking in C:\Windows\Windows Update.log

2.  Try this:
Windows Update Site Lists Updates That You Already Installed (Windows XP)

3. Otherwise uninstall through Add/Remove programs in the Control Panel.
Some updates do not have this option, if not skip this step.
NOTE: Not all updates are with Hotfixes, some are with Internet Explorer and other places, you should look very carefully before skipping this step.

4.  Download from Windows Update Catalog, #1 on on Windows Update fixes

5.  Reboot

6.  Disable all unnecessary applications including antivirus.

7.  Double click downloaded patch.
Follow prompts to install patch

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