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Anyone can look at my stuff, how do I make my stuff private?

You don't password a specific file or folder, you password the profile.

1.  In any case, you need to be using NTFS and not FAT32.
To check:
Open My Computer, Right click the drive, click Properties.
What does it say by "File System"?
To convert to NTFS:
Data should be safe, back-up important data just in case.

2.  Follow the appropriate link:
Windows XP Home:
You Cannot Select the "Make This Folder Private" Option
Windows XP Pro:
Disable Simplified Sharing and Password-Protect a Shared Folder in Windows XP

3.  Password all accounts with Administrator access including the default Administrator.
Give all other users access only to Limited profiles.
You must tightly control all Administrators because Any Administrator can do and undo anything any Administrator can do.
Take appropriate precautions to prevent losing the passwords.

4. Try this to see and verify the Administrators
Start/All Programs/Accessories/Command Prompt
Type "net localgroup administrators" ENTER
The profiles with Administrator access will be listed near the bottom.

5.  You should use an Administrator profile for Administrator work.
Use a Limited profile for all routine work.

6. Do not forget the most important security measure.
You MUST control physical access to the computer if you need to keep your data private.
There is no security without physical security.
The Ten Immutable Laws of Security
Safety and Security

See also:
HOW TO: Set, View, Change, or Remove File and Folder Permissions in Windows XP


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