Windows XP Repair Installation


Clean Installation XP
Repair Installation XP


Disable ALL unnecessary applications before beginning including antivirus, spyware blockers download accelerators etc.

Disconnect the network/modem cable before starting repair and do NOT reconnect the cable until repair is completed and firewall is installed/enabled.  HOW TO: Enable or Disable the Windows Firewall in Windows XP

How to perform a Windows XP Repair Installation
Windows Updates will need to be reinstalled.
Data should be safe, back-up important data just in case.
Install Service Pack 2 first and by itself.
The Service Pack will take care of most of the updates.
Then install ALL Critical Updates (if any) no more than 3 at a time.
Start/All Programs/Windows Update or Microsoft Update
Reboot between each group.

Make sure your computer is Safe and Secure when you are finished.

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