Save Space After Installing Updates


78f Error
824145 causes Scrolling Proplems
%1 from %2
0x800c0005 & 0x800c0008
0x80092026 or 0x800b0004
Access Denied Installing SP-2
Administrator Only
Active X needs to  be enabled
Cryptographic Services
Delete Update Uninstall files
Driver Updates
Force SP-2
Hang at 0%
Microsoft Update
Need Update again
Not a Valid Win 32
OE Removed access
Pay for patch?
Product Key Invalid
Quick to 100%
Service Pack Installation
Do not install SP-2
Update Loop
Windows XP Service Pack 2
You must be running
How can I save space after installing a Service Pack or other updates?

Can I delete the Hotfix from Add Remove Programs?
Some have been there a long time and must have been replaced by later updates.

1.  You do not want to delete/uninstall the Hotfixes, if they are still listed, they are most likely current and valid.
If you delete the Hotfixes you also remove the protection/enhancement they provide.
However you can safely delete the uninstall files.
  Once you are sure you will keep the Windows XP Service Pack, it is safe to delete the uninstall files.
2.  The files may be hidden, to show the file:
Click the top TOOLS, click FOLDER OPTIONS, click VIEW
Check the radio button. "Show hidden files and folders"
Click OK and you should now see more files.

3.  Go to C:\WINDOWS and delete "$NTServicePackUinistall$" about 240 mb.
Then go to Add/Remove Programs.
Click "Service Pack 1"(2), there will be an error since you just deleted the file.
Click YES to delete the shortcut.

4.  Use similar procedure to delete uninstall files for the updates.
The updates will be in this format "$NTUninstall********"
Do NOT delete "$hf_mig$"

5. The file "C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download" may also be safely deleted.
Depending on installation method of the service Pack, this file may not be present.

6. Do NOT delete "C:\Windows\ServicePackFiles".
That file may be needed if you have problems later and sometimes for hardware installations.
It is used by Windows File Protection as a backup for system files.
Some who really need the space burn this file to CD, or compress the file but if space is that important a larger or second hard drive is the better fix.

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