Service Pack Installation Checklist
78f Error
824145 causes Scrolling Proplems
%1 from %2
0x800c0005 & 0x800c0008
0x80092026 or 0x800b0004
Access Denied Installing SP-2
Administrator Only
Active X needs to  be enabled
Cryptographic Services
Delete Update Uninstall files
Driver Updates
Force SP-2
Hang at 0%
Microsoft Update
Need Update again
Not a Valid Win 32
OE Removed access
Pay for patch?
Product Key Invalid
Quick to 100%
Service Pack Installation
Do not install SP-2
Update Loop
Windows XP Service Pack 2
You must be running



Most will probably not experience troubles installing a Windows Service pack.  These checklists are intended for those who are unsure about the readiness of their computer for a Service Pack or computers that have problems.

It is important for all problems, known and unknown to be resolved before installing a Windows service Pack.  Do not expect a Service Pack to resolve issues it is not specifically designed and documented to resolve.

Your computer should be free of spyware, viruses and other malware.

These checklists are not for everyone and for some they may seem like overkill.  But these checklists have helped people install Service packs on their computers since Service Pack 1 was released for Windows XP.  If you feel it is only necessary to follow some or part based on your current situation, by all means use what you feel best.

Specific checklists for windows XP and windows Vista are below.  Many of the steps apply to other versions of Windows with little or no modification by experienced Windows users.

Windows XP

Windows Vista

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