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To protect your computer, you need the proper updates for your operating system.  This is Number Two on the list of "Must do" to protect your computer.


bullet Windows Update Checklist...for some of the most common problems with Windows Update issues
bulletA basic checklist of items to check when you are having issues with Windows Update.  Most items apply to all versions of Windows, otherwise they are marked for the applicable version.  Most Windows Update issues can be solved here.
bullet Windows Update Troubleshooter
bulletUse Microsoft's Windows Update Troubleshooter if the checklist does not solve your issue.
bulletIf you are unable to access the Windows Update Troubleshooter, update the MSXML parser in case of a damaged/corrupted installation or a mismatch of .xml files.
Microsoft XML Parser (MSXML) 3.0 Service Pack 4 (SP4)
bulletWindows Update Fixes for common problems
bulletThere will be information on updates that have issues as well as the resolution.
bulletLook on this list to see if your specific problem is here. 
bulletOften the resolution for a similar issue will also fix your issue.

Any operating system must be kept up to date. Without the updates, your computer will become increasingly more vulnerable to new threats.
Some of these threats are made possible by weaknesses discovered in Windows after Windows was released. Other weaknesses became apparent as new technology creates a weakness where there was none before.
Windows has made it easy to keep up to date
You can perform Windows Update automatically, prompted or manually.

Windows ME, 2000 & XP:
To set Windows Update on automatic (recommended for most home users)
Right click "My Computer"
Click "Properties"
Click "Automatic Updates"
Place check in "Keep my computer up to date"
Also place a bullet in "Automatically download the updates"
NOTE: Be sure your computer is powered on the day/time you set.
To set Windows Update to prompt for the updates choose one of the other two bullets on that page.
To manually update:
Start/All Programs/Windows Update
Follow the prompts.

Windows 9X:
Double click "My Computer"
Double click "Scheduled Tasks"
Double click "Windows Critical Update Notification"
You can make selections as desired.
If the option is not available install Windows Critical Update Notification:
1. Go here:
2. Click "Scan for updates"
3. On the left side click "Windows 98 and Windows 98 Second Edition"
4. Click "Add" by "Windows Critical Update Notification recommended update"
5. Click "Review and install updates"
6. Click "Install Now"

You should install ALL Critical Updates.
Install the Recommended Updates that you have determined apply to you.
Get the drivers directly from the manufacturer
Also see Driver Updates

If you have not updated in a while, you may have a lot of updates.
Install Service Packs first and by itself
Install updates no more than three at a time.
Install next three.

Don't forget to check for and install updates for other software such as Microsoft Office.

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