Anti Virus



To protect your computer, you need a properly configured and updated anti virus.  This is Number Three on the list of "Must do" to protect your computer.

This is the only of the three components that is not provided with Windows, you must supply your own.

bullet AVG
bulletThis one is free, and very popular.
bullet NOD32
bullet Kaspersky Labs
bullet Avast! Antivirus
bulletFree for home use
bullet Panda
bullet EZ Armor Security Suite from Computer Associates
bulletFree for the first year
bulletIncludes firewall

How to get rid of Sasser Worm

How to get rid of W32.Blaster.Worm


A very important aspect of an antivirus application is what you will feel comfortable with and use.  It does no good if you do not like or are intimidated causing you to avoid using it like you should.  The most important point is to use an anti virus application properly.  You must update it at least weekly.  You must run a full scan of your computer at least weekly.

Once you suspect your computer has a virus, worm etc, you MUST immediately physically disconnect the computer from the network. If not, the infection can and eventually will infect other computers.
You should also do the same to all other computers whether they have symptoms or not.

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