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What Would You Do For A Loonie? Check out what some people would do for a loonie.

The Lighter side of having MS since my diagnose

Made after buying my husband a Harley Davidson. Watch for new pages now that I have a 2005 Harley Sportster

Created after a trip to the Yukon


My pound puppy and my best friend


Is he a devil or angel?

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Dancing Thru Life has taken on many changes since it first aired in 1999. The midi, "Sea of Love" has been playing on my main page since the beginning. I recently changed it to play "The Dance" by Garth Brooks which appears on a few other of my pages.
Page Two has disappeared and was replaced with an image map. Back then the three new sites were "The Yukon" , after our trip to the Yukon , "Digital Jake" after adopting our pound puppy and last but not least "What Would You Do For A Loonie". Show casing friends, family and strangers alike. Each has been a pleasure to create and design. My poetry menu took on a new look this year and became "Doraisms" .
The Image map has disappeared and now divided into sites. I am sure you have noticed my signature hummingbird on all my pages as well as my signature in all my emails "When Opportunity Knocks...Don't Miss The Dance. I have been quite consistent with all my sites.
It then became time for a change with new looks. Two year ago I designed two new sites . "Dancing With MS" followed by "Dancing On Wheels". Then last year I created two more new sites with all the lyrics to every midi on all my pages. "Dancing With Lyrics" .It since has been taken down to allow for more room for new sites.
I then created and designed "Dancing With Cards". I look forward to continuing web designing, working with graphics and my digital photography. Your mail and comments as well as the dedication of my viewers encourages me to continue on. I want to thank each and every one of you for hanging in with me and your continuous support .

Note: WHAT'S NEW: No more entrance page....I now have a brand new main page, a completely different look. The main menu is now on the left hand site with many pages now taken down.(approx 170 gone) Look for two new sites.....A photography site and "Dancing With Striker" my Devil Dog.
I will be revamping My "Yukon "site as well as "Digital Jake". I hope to get into blogging more on my MS site as well as with My "Dancing With Striker" site. Please continue to email me your comments. I love hear from you all.



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