My Poetry

1. My Needs

2. Reminders

3. The Wind

4. My Internet Friend

5. Cupid's Arrow

6. Parents Rights

7. Passion

8. The Candle

9. Eleven Roses

10. Mommy Where
Do Babies Come From

11. My Island Fantasy

12. Appretiate Life

13. Breaking the Silence

14. The Gift

15. Life's Lessons

16.In The Heart of a Woman

17. My Promise

18. Survivor

19. Her Dream

20. Portrait Possessed

21. Two Minutes

22. Teenie Weenie

23. Merry Christmas 2000

24. Morning Coffee

25. The Ornament Dance

26. If Elvis Was Santa

28. 13th Birthday

29. A Special Message

30. Love Because

31. PMS

32. Holding Me

33. The Fly

34. The Sorceress

35. The Mole and the Huntress

36. The Mole's Revenge

37. The Ride

38. Love Shack

39. Graduation Card

40. The Balloon

41. Just Because

42. Veterinarian's Prayer

43. The Glasses

44. Purple Toes

45. My Halloween Story

46. The Hole

47. Yukon Icon

48. We Belong

49. The Lady on the Moon

50. Suppose

51. The Visit

52. The Pleasure Ride

53. The Woodcarver

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This site is dedicated to me. LOL :)

1. Written while dating my husband Rick

2. Also written while dating Rick

3. Another for my Love

4. Dedicated to Anna my Australian internet friend now living in Canada

5. Dedicated to Rick on Valentine's Day. I love cards and this was the basis for writing this poem

6. Wrote this with my kids in mind. LOL

7. Dedicated to my husband Rick

8. Written for Lovers

9. A true story. I love to hear my door bell ring and find my husband standing there with a big smile, hand delivering roses.

10. I had my daughter Stephanie in mind as I wrote this one.

11.A short fun scribble with love in my thoughts.

12. Reflecting on the small things in life I am thankful for.

13. I have this print in limited edition by Litz Mitten Ryans and wrote this small scribble to accompany the graphic.

14. Dedicated to my husband Rick whom I appreciate and admire all his special qualities.

15. The graphic was painted by a fellow "Brat", Kath. The writings are Doraisms for living. LOL

16.Dedicated to my internet friend Jan. A page to send to your friends when they are having an out of sorts kind of day.

17. I wrote this poem from Wayne for his wife to be Robin. Congratulations you two.

18. This poem is my least favorite. Call it not a good day for writing. Ok, call it crap. LOL

19.Another graphic by Litz Mitten Ryans. Poem is about a past living experience dreamt. Not mine either.

20.My translation of a true story that takes place in a town not far from where I live.

21. Dedicated and written to War Veterans everywhere.

22. Dedicated to some but not all men. Just having a little fun. LOL

23.Written in fun with Christmas spirit in mind.

24.Dedicated for coffee drinkers all over the world. Can you guess I love my coffee?

25.Wrote this poem for a contest which I won first prize. Had fun writing this one.

26. My love for Elvis and his music inspired me to write this page.

27.A bumper sticker inspired me to make this page. It is a true story, for I was always the designated driver. LOL

28. For my daughter Stephanie on her 13th Birthday.

29. I wrote these special words for my husband to be Rick. I taped them and had them played on our wedding day. *Tissue alert*

30. I love playing with Java and made this fun page with of course Rick in mind. LOL

31. A fun page to send your friends. We all have one of those days. LOL

32. Written with my husband Rick in mind.

33. A fun page with more "epiphany's" to come. It's based on a true story. LOL

34. Wrote this poem because an internet friend wrote a true love story disguising it under the title "The Sorceress".

35. This is a true story. Meet Manfred the Mole. LOL

36. A continuation of my Mole story from Manfreds point of view.

37. Check out the is me. LOL Thanks Avalon for the bull statue.

38. Doors are always open to all my friends.

39. My daughter Stephanie. The parody is fact based. Stephanie dances to her own tune. Sound familiar. LOL

40. 2nd in my series of "Epiphany's" LOL This page came to me when I was blowing up balloons.

41. This page is written by both my husband Rick and I. I wrote the poem and he wrote as left in a card for me.

42. The Lords prayer parody redone as the Veterinarian's Prayer Dedicated to my dog Jake.

43. 3rd in my series of "Epiphany's". An e mail sparked me to write this page.

44. 4th in my series of "Epiphany's".

45. Read my true story (if you dare) and find out why Halloween is not my favorite time of year.

46. Click on the graphic to see the hole in the internet

47. Check out this fictional Yukon Icon

48. Poem written for my husband

49. I battle my MonSter

50. 5th in my series of "Epiphany's". Friendships are everything.

51. 6th in my series of "Epiphany's". If you like to read you'll like this one.

52. An erotic poem

53. I wrote this poem for one of our friends who has much talent. Check out Stefans "Simply Artist" site after reading the poem

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