This page is dedicated to the Memory of
This Psalm is found in a photo album
He had penned for his wife on Sepember, 1944

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HMCS Buckingham

The 23 Psalm
( Sea Style )

The Lord is my Pilot, I shall not drift.
He lighteth me across the dark waters.
He steereth me in the deep channels.
He keepeth my log.
He guideth me by the star of Holiness, for His name's sake
Yea; Though I sail amid the Thunders and tempests of life,
I shall dread no danger, For Thou art with me.
Thou preparest a harbor for me, in the Homeland of Eternity.
Thou annointest the waves with oil, My ship rideth calmly.
Thy Love and Thy care, they shelter me.
Surely sunlight and starlight shall favor me, on the voyage I take.
And I will anchor in the port of my God, Forever.



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April 18th/2001