~ Twyla ~
In Memory Of
Twight Dawn

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Twyla was a major part of my life for eight years.

She was taken from me January 1998 by cancer. I had wanted

Twyla since I was a young girl and she became my closest companion.

Where ever I went Twyla was with me. We had a lot of fun together.

Flyball, obstacle coarses, schutzen and companion obedience.

I miss her cold nose nuzzling me at night time, our evening walks,

and her trusting kind eyes. But most of all I miss her not being by

my side, always happy. Even in her last days Twyla was happy

just knowing I was there. For those who have never grieved for

a pet it is as real as any person passing away. For a pet is

dependent on you for life. They only want your time. Time

for walks, pets and play. They do not care if you have any shortcomings.

They will be faithful friends to the end.


Twyla I miss you very much

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June 20/2000