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'Another Mountain to Climb'

Stories and poems by Danny Peart

“I love the way this book evokes your life so fully - family, friends, community, work, loves (the outdoors, Mila the dog) cafes, poetry and the sense of humour therein.”

Aislinn Hunter

     “Danny, I think you’re getting better at poetry”      Mom Peart

Available December 15th, 2017

Signed, First Edition Hardcover
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$25 + $10 S+h = $35

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'Stark Naked in a Laundromat'

Stories and poems by Danny Peart

The new book includes 10 stories and 10 poems inspired by Danny's youth in Port Dalhousie, Ontario.

The book has been skillfully edited by short story master, Zsuzsi Gartner. She writes, "I enjoyed this book so much - for its charm, candour, and the simple elegance of the prose - and the gentle humour."

Introduction by Neil Peart

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Signed, Hardcover 2nd Edition

$21 + $4 S+h = $25.00


'Ruined By Love'

Poems By Danny Peart

Collection of 37 poems on family and friendship, on loves that lasted and loves forever lost, a poem about a black dog and one about a white bear.

Cover Photography by Blair Ketcheson.

REVIEWS: "thoroughly enjoyable poems: poems of deep feeling that are lovely gestures to other people; delightfully playful poems." Aislinn Hunter

"Finally! A poet who writes about men and dogs." -Alan Hoegg

"It is a beautiful little book, in its content and presentation. A pleasure to hold."-Neil Peart

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'To The End of the World.' Galapagos Islands 2009

By Danny Peart

Danny's account of a 2009 family trip to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands. 20 pages plus colour photographs. 20 numbered and signed copies in circulation.

Price: $14.00 + $2 s+h = $16

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'Waiting for God to Show'

Stories and Poems By Danny Peart, Illustrations by Adam Rogers

7 stories and 7 poems. 37 pages with cover photo by Blair Ketcheson and illustrations by Adam Rogers. 42 numbered and signed copies released in 2009.


REVIEW: "I just finished reading your book and I enjoyed the stories very much. I will cherish it forever. Your Loving Sister, Judy Howe."


Price: $16.00 + $4 for taxes and shipping anywhere in North America. Total = $20.

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'Our African Journey 2008'

12 pages plus color photographs of interest to anyone planning a safari to the Serengeti or climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.

REVIEW: 'A dramatic account of the ascent of Kilimanjaro, with no vomiting details spared. I had made the right decision, to stay at the bottom with Max and Nick.' -Susan Lindley, Sister-in-law

Price: $12.00 + $2 for taxes and shipping to anywhere in North America. Total = $14.00

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'Notes and Ideas From The Fitness Guy'

Features 8 fitness and health articles. 42 Pages.

REVIEW: 'Danny, thanks for sending us your fitness book. It's just the right size to do crosswords on. Love, Mom'

Price: $16.00 + $3 for taxes and shipping to anywhere in North America. Total = $19.00

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