Image Pane
Arbutus Near Victoria
Pine Creek Winter - Kitimat
Trees - Lakelse Lake
Hirsch Creek - Kitimat
Rainforest - Note pinhole in bellows ghosting
Ice Wall
Exchamsiks Park - British Columbia
Fall - Reflection in Pond
Fall - Reflection in a pond.
Barkerville, BC - Rooflines
Barkerville, BC - Shingle Roof
Pond & Snow - Reflection
Barkerville, BC - Window
Barkerville, BC - Porcelain Door Knob
Barkerville, BC - Clouds Reflecting in Window
Barkerville, BC - Reflection in Window
Barkerville, BC - Wagon Wheels and Reflection in Window.
Yukon - Mine between Carcross and Skagway
Yukon - Mine between Carcross and Skagway
Still Life - Eggs on black background.
Still Life - Eggs on white background.
Still Life - Eggs on a white background 21.
Still Life - Flower 1
Still Life - Flower 2
Still Life - Flower 47
Just for fun - Lith film and screened image.

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