Sun Yat-Sen Penjing Club

Our meetings, by custom usually on the 2nd Tuesday of the month, can involve a lecture, and/or demonstration, and/or media presentation; seasonally there is hands-on working on your own penjing with advice provided by Pin Lee, and humour by the other members. Our field-trips to local gardens and interest spots are usually planned for weekends. We have a Literati Chinese Poetry Evening in the fall, and a holiday party / potluck dinner in December. There is no meeting in January.

Please feel free to drop in and visit us for a meeting at either the Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden or the VanDusen Botanical Garden. See the Calendar for the dates and times of those meetings.


Membership Information

Yearly membership fees are $30.00 for one person, or $40.00 for a dual/family membership.

All Memberships are due from the first meeting of the calendar year, and are collected at the meetings. From July to November, prorated fees for new members who have not attended previous meetings are $15.00 and $20.00.

Fees are used to pay for meeting space rentals, our annual penjing show and other club expenses. Members pay their own way on field trips and at other functions.

Membership in the Sun Yat-Sen Penjing Club does not confer membership in the Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden, or the VanDusen Botanical Garden; though we highly recommend membership in both.


Contact Information

The current officers of the club are:

Instructor: Pin Lee
-Penjing Master for the Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden Penjing Collection

Co-Presidents: Lawrence and Priscilla Yung
Email: prisyung@yahoo.com

Past-president: Roy Forster
Email: edenforster@telus.net
-retired curator of the VanDusen

Treasurer: David Hale
Email: dahale@telus.net


The Sun Yat-Sen Penjing Club was launched under the auspices of the Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden; though we don't meet at the Garden all the time. The club was formed in 1996, during the first Sun Yat-Sen Garden Penjing Exhibition held June 26 - October 01. We gathered some of our first members from a Penjing Workshop given by Pin Lee on September 21, 1996.

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