David Hudgins

S O U N D _ D E S I G N E R

As a musician, composer, sound designer and theatre artist who has worked professionally for nine years, I am committed to helping pioneer the most efficient and flexible method of creating theatrical and thematic sound design sound for companies small and large.

I am a founding member and Co-Artistic Director of Vancouver's award-winning Electric Company Theatre. Sound has always been an essential design element to the interpretation of our stories.

During our six-year life I have been a leading contributor in the creation of all of the company's collective sound designs since its first show Brilliant! put us on the map in 1996. I emerged as the head of the sound department during our latest plays, Dona Flor (2001) and Flop (2002). In the case of Flop, the sound sharply influenced the direction of the play and provided a poignant underscoring for many of the intensely physical and often wordless scenes.

My work thus far has inhabited two worlds: a) the composition of musical theatre numbers that have been a successful component of Electric Company, Palace Grand, and Norman Rothstein plays and b) the creation of atmospheric theatre soundscapes for whole productions by combining pre-recorded or literal sounds.

I believe that the next step in my artistic evolution is to look for ways to fuse these worlds.

Over the past year I have had a chance to study digital technologies for cueing sounds and effects through Richmond Sound Design, whose founder Charlie Richmond is one of the world leaders in "show control" -- dedicated hardware and software for theatre audio.

Mr. Richmond has agreed to let me participate in the launching of their newest software including sound diffusion capabilities that can move the output dynamically through and around the theatre space, creating a sensory experience of sound that is akin to the surround-sound experience of watching film in a film-house.

Currently a member of Canadian Actor's Equity, I am in the process of joining the Associated Designers of Canada.

Lastly, I'm the proud father of Sophie and Evan and husband to Julia McGeer.