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USA Combat Site and Links by Preston Brigs    

BMFA 2002 Nationals Vintage Combat Results 

F2D Combat and Links 

F2D Combat in the UK

F2D Combat in Russia

Johnathon Crabtree's Streamer Stalkers UK


General interest

Control Line UK by Cyber Authors Mike and Steve Waller

Barry Baxter Control Line Plans

Australian Control Line Nostalgia

A Hemisphere of Fun by By Göran Olsson, Stockholm, Sweden

John T's..... Pacific Northwest Model Aviation

FAI News by Mark Rudner

F4B Scale Magic



Model Diesel Fuel, Engine Manufacturers, Sales & Service

Model Technics Diesel Fuel, UK. Fuel Manufacturer

FHS Red Max Diesel Fuel, USA Fuel Manufacturer

Davis Diesel Development, USA Fuel Manufacturer & Diesel Conversion Heads

Aero Dyne Diesel Fuel, USA Fuel Manufacturer, Kits, plans etc.

Doctor Diesel, USA PAW Diesel Sales & Service in USA

Carlson Engine Imports, USA Sales & Service

Just Engines, UK. Sales & Service

Using Large Diesels for R/C Scale  Information only

Progress Aero Works, UK. Home of PAW Diesels, England.



Model Aeronautics Association of Canada

British Model Flying Association

Academy of Model Aeronautics

Scottish Aeromodellers Association

South African model Aircraft Association

Model Aeronautical Association of Australia

New Zealand Model Aeronautical Association

MACA The Miniature Aircraft Combat Association

Precision Aerobatics Model Pilots Association



Northwest Fireballs Club Web Site

Pacific Aeromodellers Club, Vancouver, BC.

Mission Wings Model Flying Club, Mission, BC.

Tulsa Glue Dobbers Control Line Club

New England Control Line Combat

Three Kings Aeromodellers




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Great Hobbies Control Line Links to Clubs, Organizations and General c/l interests

Control Line Aeromodeling Links, Kits, Engines and Supplies


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