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Frank Smart is the proprietor of "Paperchase" a plans service specializing in vintage combat plans. Frank also has a good selection of trainer, team race and stunt plans.

Write to Frank for a complete plans list at:

Frank Smart
Rose Bank,
High Street,


Top right: Oliver Twist Mk.6 designed by Martyn Cowley (UK).
31" wingspan. (Frank Smart Plan)

Bottom right: Chilton Warlord designed by Mick Chilton 1968 (UK).
34" wingspan. (Frank Smart Plan)

Models built by Paul Dranfield.




Pirhana Mk1 designed by Frank Smart 1968.
34-1/2" wingspan.


Chaos designed by
Peter Freebry 1963 (UK).
35-5/8" wingspan.
(Frank Smart Plan)

Top Right: Super Twister designed by John Chamberlain 1967 (UK).
34" wingspan. (Frank Smart Plan)

Bottom Right: Pirhana Mk2 designed by Frank Smart 1969 (UK).
34-1/4" wingspan.
(Frank Smart Plan)

Models built by Alan Jupp,
Three Kings Club, England.




Top left: September Warrior (Aeromodeller Plan) designed by Bas Bunstead 1963 (UK) 29" wingspan.

Bottom left: Turncoat (Aeromodeller Plan) designed by Moggs Morris 1967 (UK) 28-3/4" wingspan.

Models built by
Adrian Duncan.


Ironmonger (Aeromodeller Plan) designed by
Richard Evans 1970 (UK)
34-1/4" wingspan.

Models built by
Paul Dranfield.


Far left: Gladiator (Frog kit)
36" wingspan.

Left: Razor Blade designed by
Pete Tribe 1959 (UK)
32" wingspan.

Models built by Mel Lyne.


Orcrist (Aeromodeller Plan) designed by Steve Jones 1969 ( UK)
34" wingspan.

Model built by
Mel Lyne.


Top left: Zack-Zack designed by Klaus Seegers (Germany 1961)
Model built by Adrian Duncan.

Bottom left: Warlord designed by Vernon Hunt (UK) 32-1/4" wingspan.
Model built by Mel Lyne.

Plans for the Ironmonger by R. Evans, Dominator by M. Davis and Orcrist by S. Jones are available from Nexus Plans Service ( formerly Aeromodeller Plans Service) .

Write to:
Nexus Plans Service,
Nexus House,
Azalea Drive,

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