Game Design
I have been a game designer for over fifteen years. From 1988 to 1999 I worked as a freelance author, writing books such as GURPS Bio-Tech and Glory of Rome. During this period, I wrote a large number of GURPS books, including Ultra-Tech, Psionics, and Vehicles, and also wrote books for other game companies, including Aliens and Artifacts (ICE), Indiana Jones and the Rising Sun (West End Games), and The Complete Druid (TSR). Towards the end of this period, I spent a few months working for a computer game company.

In 1999, I took a full-time job as anime line developer and staff writer for Guardians of Order, where I worked with Mark MacKinnon to expand his Tri-Stat™ rules system into a universal game engine. While at GOO, I wrote or co-authored several games including
BESM 2nd Edition, Demon City Shinjuku, Tenchi Muyo, and Ghost Dog, plus a number of supplements such as Big Robots, Cool Starships, Hot Rods & Gun Bunnies, and Centauri Knights.

In January of 2001 I left GOO and took a full-time position with Steve Jackson Games, where I created the Transhuman Space science fiction line, writing books like Transhuman Space and Deep Beyond and developing the rest of the line. In 2002-2003, I was involved in line planning for the relaunch of GURPS, and co-authored the GURPS Basic Set 4th Edition with Sean Punch. I also did some freelance board/miniatures game design projects for Firefly Games including Escape from Monster Island and Cybor Gladiators.

In October, 2004, I rejoined Guardians of Order as anime and Tri-Stat line developer and senior game designer, developing and writing projects like d20 Mecha, Ex Machina, d20 Military Vehicles, The Authority, Dreaming Cities, and BESM 3e.
In 2005, Guardians of Order downsized to a one-man operation.

At present, I live in Victoria, British Columbia, working as a freelance writer, while seeking full time employment.

Background and Hobbies
I was born in Canada (in Kingston, Ontario), but spent much of my childhood living in England and New Zealand. I have a History degree from Queen's University. Besides roleplaying games and such mundane activities as watching TV, I'm a science fiction fan of long standing, enjoy Japanese anime and manga, and like messing about with miniature soldiers and tanks.