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I never seem to be able to focus on a single topic for very long. Maybe that's why I have four separate web sites.

Site maintained by David MarchakParitek is a commercial program which keeps track of the information needs of (mostly) Catholic Parishes. This site consists of articles of interest to anyone who manages parish or church information as well as information for potential clients. 2009: Over 80,000 families are tracked by my clients.     I collect statistics on the Vancouver Canucks. Now that I have all this information, I have fun sharing it with other fans. The Canuck Library was created to impress people with my extensive knowledge. 2009: It's been way too long since I've updated this site. Maybe this summer...
My Home parish is St. Peter's Roman Catholic Church in New Westminster, BC. I created a web site for them as a volunteer effort. It's pretty basic. 2009: One more site that doesn't get updated very often.     I graduated from North Delta Senior Secondary in 1983. I have put together a class list so grads can stay in contact with each other. 2009: I update the site as I get info on other grads.

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