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Plus/minus ratings were tracked for many years before being released to the public.


Information presented in The Canuck Library has been accumulated from various sources (including personal observation) over several years. Some of these sources include:

nhl.com and canucks.com: These are the first places to look for current information on the Canucks. There is also a great deal of information from the past two decades archived on the sites.

Vancouver Canucks Yearbook/Media Guide: While containing some statistical errors, these are still the best source of information on Canuck players and records. I purchased my first yearbook in 1980-81 and was immediately hooked on the concept of "Canucks All-Time Scoring" and how current players would move up that list.

NHL Official Guide & Record Book: These annual volumes are a "must-have" for anyone interested in hockey statistics. You won't find any glossy photos in the pages, but there are hundreds of pages worth of numbers and records.

The Hockey News: Considered the bible of hockey information. Much of my older statistical information comes from the game summaries printed in The Hockey News.

The Hockey Summary Project: Contains game summaries for thousands of NHL games going back several decades. Having recorded every Canuck game summary, I know just how much work has gone into their database. This site helped me confirm some of my source data and correct some of my mistakes.

Total Hockey: Kind of like having every NHL Guide & Record Book from 1917 to 1997 all in one. Contains many articles on hockey, plus numbers, numbers and more numbers.

The Hockey Encyclopedia (c) 1983: An predecessor to "Total Hockey". The first book to include +/- ratings from the 1960's and 1970's.

The Internet Hockey Database: Contains historical and statistical information on virtually every hockey player -- ever. This site filled in some of my holes concerning the WHL Canucks.

Vancouver Sun/Vancouver Province: The two Vancouver daily papers have always covered the Canucks (except when the papers were on strike). I've spent many bleary-eyed hours going over microfilm copies of the papers at the library.

Vancouver Public Library: They are the source for books, magazines, and newspaper clippings that I cannot find anywhere else (even though some of their copies have gone missing). Please don't steal library books -- someone else might need them.

Burnaby Public Library: They have those microfilm copies of the Sun and the Province that I go search through now and again. I am impressed with the machine that allows me to take digital copies of old microfilm.

Google News Archive: For a few years, Google scanned archives of newspapers so you could search the published information. Unfortunately they stopped adding content, but there are many articles that provide a non-Vancouver perspective on the Canucks.

Canuck Programs: Old programs are basically the only source for player jersey numbers (prior to about 1985). After all, that's why teams printed programs -- so you would know who everyone was.

Hockey Cards: One of the few sources for colour pictures of hockey players from the 1970's, although not very reliable for statistical information.

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