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Team codes are used on pages like All-Star Game Reps, History of Hats and Team Totals.

Eight NHL teams have had names that started with "C" and four of those were not named for a city.

Team Codes

On various pages of "The Canuck Library", you will see three letter team codes. Most of them are pretty obvious, although there are a few codes that are a little confusing. To eliminate that confusion, this is a list of the codes I use.

Code Team Seasons
ANA Anaheim Ducks 1993-94 to present
  Arizona Coyotes See PHO - Phoenix
ATL Atlanta Flames 1972-73 to 1979-80
ATT Atlanta Thrashers 1999-2000 to 2010-11
BOS Boston Bruins 1970-71 to present
BUF Buffalo Sabres 1970-71 to present
CAL California Golden Seals 1970-71 to 1975-76
CAR Carolina Hurricanes 1997-98 to present
CGY Calgary Flames 1980-81 to present
CHI Chicago Blackhawks 1970-71 to present
CLE Cleveland Barons 1976-77 to 1977-78
COA Colorado Avalanche 1995-96 to present
COB Columbus Blue Jackets 2000-01 to present
COL Colorado Rockies 1976-77 to 1981-82
DAL Dallas Stars 1993-94 to present
DET Detroit Red Wings 1970-71 to present
EDM Edmonton Oilers 1979-80 to present
FLO Florida Panthers 1993-94 to present
HAR Hartford Whalers 1979-80 to 1996-97
KC Kansas City Scouts 1974-75 to 1975-76
LA Los Angeles Kings 1970-71 to present
  Mighty Ducks of Anaheim See ANA - Anaheim
MIN Minnesota North Stars 1970-71 to 1992-93
MIW Minnesota Wild 2000-01 to present
MON Montreal Canadiens 1970-71 to present
NAS Nashville Predators 1998-99 to present
NJ New Jersey Devils 1982-83 to present
NYI New York Islanders 1972-73 to present
NYR New York Rangers 1970-71 to present
OTT Ottawa Senators 1992-93 to present
PHI Philadelphia Flyers 1970-71 to present
PHO Phoenix Coyotes 1996-97 to present
PIT Pittsburgh Penguins 1970-71 to present
QUE Quebec Nordiques 1979-80 to 1994-95
SJ San Jose Sharks 1991-92 to present
STL St. Louis Blues 1970-71 to present
TAM Tampa Bay Lightning 1992-93 to present
TOR Toronto Maple Leafs 1970-71 to present
VAN Vancouver Canucks 1970-71 to present
WAS Washington Capitals 1974-75 to present
WIJ Winnipeg Jets 2011-12 to present
WIN Winnipeg Jets 1979-80 to 1995-96

"Seasons" represents the seasons that the Canucks have competed against the specified team (even if the specified team existed before the Canucks entered the NHL).

ANA - From 1993-94 to 2005-06, the franchise was known as the "Mighty Ducks of Anaheim". Since 2006-07, the team has been known as the "Anaheim Ducks". My stats treat this as a single team.

CAL - The first NHL team in Northern California had more than one name including "California Seals" and "Oakland Seals". However, during the time they played the Canucks (1970-71 to 1975-76), they were only the "California Golden Seals".

CHI - When the Canucks entered the NHL, Chicago's team was the "Black Hawks". In 1986, the team name was changed to the "Blackhawks" (one word).

PHO - From 1996-97 to 2013-14, the franchise was the "Phoenix Coyotes". Since 2014-15, the team has been known as the "Arizona Coyotes". My stats treat this as a single team.

WIJ, WIN - There have been two teams in Winnipeg, both called the Jets. My stats separate the two teams. On some pages, these are differentiated as "Winnipeg Jets (1979)" and "Winnipeg Jets (2011)".

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