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The Canuck Librarian isn't an actual librarian -- he just works in a library.

The Canuck Librarian

Okay, the truth is I just wanted to show off my cool picture of me and Stanley (I'm the one on the left). Since I had to write something to go with the picture, here is my bio.

I have been a Vancouver Canucks fan since the early 1970s. The addiction started with a small stack of hockey cards thrown my direction by another kid cleaning out his desk at school. They had funny pictures of players in uniforms (that just didn't look quite right) and stats on the back.

By the end of the 1970s, the quest for numbers had grown. A newspaper strike led to the creation of David's official NHL standings with results from each game used to calculate team points. With the purchase of the 1980-81 Vancouver Canucks Yearbook (back when Stan Smyl was number 20 on the all-time scoring list), the quest for official statistics began.

The advent of computers increased my ability to keep track of specific stats. No longer was it enough to track goals, assists, and points, but now entire box scores could be entered. My custom database program currently contains over 3,000 games, 17,000 goals and 19,000 penalties. Some of my work has been published in the Canuck program and has been used by the Canucks to make their yearbook/media guide more accurate (now, I'm just bragging). In order to share some of this information, the Canuck Library was created.

In 1988-89, I joined the Vancouver Canucks Booster Club. When I was elected president, the club had 60 members. Six years later, the club had over 400 members (the Stanley Cup run helped a bit). After the 1995-96 season, I stepped down as president (although the current board members still won't let me leave).

Personal highlights included:
Leading 40 people to Canuck games in Chicago (last Canuck game at the Stadium), Detroit and Toronto.
Hosting the NHLBC Convention in Vancouver (kind of like having 350 house guests).
Creating the 50/50 draw at Canuck games (and then having it yanked away -- that's a lowlight).
Handing out the Unsung Hero award five times (that's Marty & Me in 1995 in the picture).
Being profiled, interviewed and/or quoted by BCTV, the Vancouver Sun, CBC Radio, Sportspage, the Province, and a couple of magazines (yep, it totalled about 15 minutes).
Meeting lots of great people (including some who cheer for the wrong team).

It was also through my connections with the club that I met the "keeper of the cup" who let me hold Stanley long enough for a picture. Thanks, Walt.

You know, with all this stuff on my resume, you'd think the Canucks would hire me.

In an era of Orca Borg (resistance is futile), luxury boxes and corporate support, the Canucks do not dominate my life like they used to. Instead, some of my attention has turned to grass roots hockey. I have volunteered as a coach and currently work as an on-ice official (both are harder than they look).

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