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Visitor Comments

If you have enjoyed your visit to the Canuck Library, I welcome your comments and suggestions. If I have time (and I like what you have to say), I may even add your comments to this page.

Date From Comments
June 21
Jon I appreciate the wealth of info you provide for the Canucks!
This site was on hiatus for six years! Now that I'm updating it, some people are actually taking a look (again) and even sending the rare comment.
Jared &
Very cool site, I stumbled across it looking for some info on Canuck rookies. Very cool to have all the stats and stories about my favourite team. Thanks for creating the site.
Mar.5, 2009 Derek Jory
I just wanted to say thanks for creating The Canucks Library. I'm a writer with Canucks.com and I'm putting together a story on hat tricks in Canucks history, naturally information has been hard to come by other than what's in the Vancouver media guide. Your site has been exceptionally helpful and will ensure that my story is a gem - at least statistically.

Thanks again for the great site, it's been a big help.
Sep.20, 2008 Curt
Vernon, BC
Thank you for this wonderful site.  I love reading the one game at a time stats, as I can pick out the ones I remember from years gone by.  I'm anxiously awaiting an update to this site!
Aug.22, 2008 Lyle
Hey, I just discovered this site and I have to say "WOW!!!"

Great job. I've been a Canuck fan since the WHL days, (shows my age), and just running down the roster brought back so many memories. I remember Wikins first goal, and Lafayette ringing the post, along with so many more. You forgot one great nickname. Larry Goodenough was "Izzy".
May 11, 2007 Biff
Coconuts Co.
This is a fanastic site and sure beats any NHL fan-generated site I've seen so far on the Web. Would love to see someone come up with something like this on old WHL Canucks, too. Couldn't agree more with Orca Borg (who just happen to charge the NHL's highest avg price for playoff games in '07). Bag the Free Willy logo and look at Luongo...even he gets it on his white mask--Johnny Canuck should be the Nux logo.
I wanted to drop you a line to thank you for the terrific website you put together and maintain. Over the last few years, I've researched and written two hockey books (see www.maniagohockeybook.com) and both have benefited from your handiwork. As with my books, I can only assume your site is a labour of love. The organization and thoroughness of the site (particularly the game-by-game history) was invaluable to me as a quick reference and many a time saved me diving into my (or Jim Robson's) hand written notes.

Many thanks and keep up the good work.....perhaps we'll cross paths in the future.
Halifax, NS
Great site. I just saw this ...awesome! Especially the story of what a Canuck is. I haven't tried the Wordperfect thing as you did yet. Haha! It is widely known that the Canadian National Rugby teams are known as the Canucks also. [Pretty much any person or group representing Canada can be called Canucks. ie the Crazy Canucks ski team. --dm]
Really great fan site, brought back a lot of great memories of forgotten Canucks (loved Dan Hodgson who, I recall, screwed up his pension when he attempted to come back from his broken leg). One thing - would like to see an all-time transaction log, so we can see who came from where. Go Canucks!
Dev Vancouver Absolutely an awesome job. I've been a die hard hockey fan for a long time, and this site is like candy. My favorite canuck of all time is Tony Tanti (should be a five star player in your all-time roster). Here is a guy who excelled on some truly bad teams. If he had played on a contender, he would have been a consistent 60 goal scorer in his heyday. Once again great job!!!
Edmonton, AB
I love this site after just browsing for a few minutes.  Great work on all the stats, I will be sure to add it to my favourites and come visit it often!  THANK YOU very much for your efforts over the years, from a transplanted canuck fan.
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