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Daniel and Henrik Sedin were the second and third overall draft picks in 1999.

Canuck Match Game: Draft Years

Match the player with the year they were drafted by the Canucks.

A. Pavel Bure   1. 1970 (1st round, 2nd overall)
B. Igor Larionov   2. 1972 (1st round, 3rd overall)
C. Don Lever   3. 1978 (3rd round, 40th overall)
D. Trevor Linden   4. 1981 (8th round, 157th overall)
E. Petr Nedved   5. 1983 (1st round, 9th overall)
F. Cam Neely   6. 1985 (11th round, 214th overall)
G. Mattias Ohlund   7. 1988 (1st round, 2nd overall)
H. Petri Skriko   8. 1989 (6th round, 113th overall)
I. Stan Smyl   9. 1990 (1st round, 2nd overall)
J. Dale Tallon   10. 1994 (1st round, 13th overall)

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