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Roberto Luongo was obtained in a six-player trade with the Florida Panthers.


Canuck Match Game: Trades

Match the player the Canucks gave up with the player the Canucks received in return.

A. Adrian Aucoin   1. Dave Babych
B. Richard Brodeur   2. Donald Brashear
C. Sean Burke   3. Dan Cloutier
D. Jassen Cullimore   4. Cesare Maniago
E. Curt Fraser   5. Brad May
F. Tom Kurvers   6. Markus Naslund
G. Gino Odjick   7. Garth Snow
H. Geoff Sanderson   8. Jason Strudwick
I. Gary Smith   9. Tony Tanti
J. Alek Stojanov   10. Steve Weeks

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