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Gino Odjick recorded 2,127 penalty minutes while with the Canucks..

Canuck Match Game: Record Holders

Match the Canuck player with the team record that they hold (as of 2005-06).

1. Adrian Aucoin   A. 3 goals in 2:55
2. Donald Brashear   B. 4 hat tricks in one season
3. Pavel Bure   C. 7 points in one game
4. Trevor Linden   D. 20 career shutouts
5. Kirk McLean   E. 23 goals in a season by a defenseman
6. Alexander Mogilny   F. 60 goals in a season
7. Petri Skriko   G. 72 games in a season by a goalie
8. Gary Smith   H. 88 career playoff points
9. Stan Smyl   I. 372 penalty minutes in a season
10. Patrik Sundstrom   J. 411 career assists

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