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The Canucks once scored three goals in 48 seconds.


All-Time Canuck Roster Complete with ratings and player notes for both the NHL and pre-NHL Canucks. These two lists are rather large, so they take awhile to load (and even longer to read). Updated July 31, 2010

Assistance Please Find out which players recorded the most assists on specific players' goals (if that sounds confusing, you're right, it is). Updated May 6, 2016

Career Leaders Lists of the top twenty (and then some) Canucks in various statistical categories. Updated May 7, 2016

Career Leaders Each Year Lists of the top twenty career point getters after each season. (Just check it out and it might make sense) Updated May 6, 2016

Comebacks See which games the Canucks have overcome a two (or three, or even four) goal deficit to earn at least a point. Updated May 2, 2016

Double Digits View the list of Canuck games where one of the teams has scored ten (or more) goals. (just in case it never happens again). Updated May 7, 2016

Double Header Data While the Canucks have never played two games in one day (maybe that would help the NHL compress its schedule), they have met the same team in the same city twice in a row. These are the regular season double headers. Updated May 7, 2016

Fast Goals Find out how little time it takes to score two, three or more goals (where are these goals when we need them). Updated May 10, 2016

First Game Back The experts tell us that the Canucks struggle when they are playing their first game back after a road trip. Check the numbers and judge for yourself. Updated May 10, 2016

First NHL Goals Every season, a handful of Canucks score their first NHL goal. See the complete list of these players (but only if you really want to fill your head with more meaningless numbers). Updated May 15, 2016

Goal Graph and Point Percentages Two graphs that show the percentage of team goals the leading Canuck scorer from each season accounted for (it will make sense when you see them). Updated July 28, 2010

Goal Times An analysis of how the Canucks perform based on when they score. (Another myth debunked). Updated May 11, 2016

Highs and Lows Think the Canucks scored a lot of goals last game? See how it compares to the highest and lowest scoring games in team history (yes, zero is the lowest). Updated July 26, 2010

The History of Hats (Sorry, no fashion tips here). Find some records plus a complete list of hat tricks scored during Canuck games. Updated May 15, 2016

Individual Records A few miscellaneous stats you didn't know anyone kept track of (or why they'd want to). Updated July 26, 2010

Jersey Numbers Canuck players have worn 72 different numbers between 1 and 96 in their history. Find out which players wore which numbers, along with where and when they first wore those numbers (wow). Updated May 8, 2016

Milestone Markers Twenty players have scored 100 or more goals for the Canucks. Find out when and where they scored their milestone goals (sorry, I can't tell you why). Updated May 17, 2016

One Game at a Time See the results of every game the Canucks have played from 1970-71 to the end of 2009-10 (with many more games to come). Updated July 2, 2010

One Season Wonders Find out who recorded the most points among those players who only spent one season with the Canucks (if they were that good, why didn't we keep them). Updated July 26, 2010

Penalty Shots A list of every penalty shot -- including details not seen on any other site -- in Canuck team history. (Can you name the rules where a penalty shot will be called?) Updated May 10, 2016

Player Points Per Opponent Find out how many points individual Canuck players have recorded against specific teams (this alliteration thing is getting out of hand). Updated July 26, 2010

Playoff Performers A comparison of average points per game in the regular season versus the playoffs (some proof that Trevor Linden excelled in the playoffs). Created August 1, 2010

Points By Nationality Career Canuck points by the country where players were born (from Canada to South Korea and every country in between). Updated July 26, 2010

Points Per Decade Find out which players had the most points in each of the past three decades (and a current list of the fourth decade). Updated June 29, 2010

Referee Records Ever wonder how the Canucks perform when a certain zebra is working the game. Now you can find out (we all know that no matter who is reffing, the calls will go against us). Updated May 10, 2016

Rookie Reports Want to know who were the hottest rookies the Canucks ever had? Here are the stats you need to make the comparisons. Updated July 26, 2010

Score and Win Find out how the Canucks perform in games where certain players score (one more reason why they shouldn't have traded away your favourite skater). Updated May 6, 2016

Shootout Shots The NHL implemented shootouts in the 2005-06 season (for better or worse). Here are the results and records from Canuck shootouts. Updated June 29, 2010

Streaks (No, not pictures of the naked women who skated across the Coliseum ice in the 1970's). This page looks at Canuck streaks including some new streaks inspired by recent rule changes. Updated July 31, 2010

Team Records Stats you didn't know (or, perhaps, care about). Updated July 31, 2010

Team Totals The Canucks have played over 3,000 NHL games. See a summary of how they have fared against the other teams in the league (Tampa Bay -- good, Montreal -- bad). Created July 8, 2010

The Thirty Goal Club In team history, Canuck players have hit the 30 goal mark a total of 48 times. Find out who those players are (and a few other records based on the 30 goal plateau). Updated July 30, 2010

Winning Percentage Graph These charts compare each season since 2000-01 with the team's historical performance during the season. (Warning: these pictures are graphic) Updated July 28, 2010

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