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David Marchak

Switching from a small window to a full screen (and back again)

Note: Although this article was written to help Paritek for DOS users, the following procedures will work for any DOS based program.

As a DOS based program, Paritek expects to be run all by itself as a full screen (that's the way things were back then). Today, with more powerful computers, Paritek can be run on one machine at the same time as other programs.

If you are running Paritek in a Window and want to use a full screen instead, look on the toolbar at the top of the window for this symbol. Use your mouse to click on this symbol and Paritek will now run as a full screen every time you load the program. That's it!

You can also toggle between full screen and window mode by pressing Alt-Enter. If the program is using the entire screen and you press Alt-Enter, the program will switch to window mode.

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