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David Marchak

Re-assigning Envelopes Checklist

This checklist designed as a guide for your year-end procedures. Certainly, I don't expect you to follow the instructions to the letter, but you should do these procedures in this order. As always, if you have any questions, give me a call.

Early November Select envelope users based on their contributions (Utilities > Assign Envelopes for Next Year > Automatically Select Users). You will probably want to set the minimum donations between $10 and $20 and the minimum gifts from 3 to 5. Version 3.1 allows you to ignore the donations for people who registered after a specific date.
  Select individual envelope users (Utilities > Assign Envelopes for Next Year > Select Individual Users). Scan the list for families that have moved from the parish (and do not need a number next year) or did not get selected by the automatic process (and should be on the list). Use the Tag and Untag buttons to make changes to the list.
Late November Assign envelope numbers (either alphabetically by name or based on the number they use this year) using Utilities > Assign Envelopes for Next Year > Assign Numbers.
  Print labels for envelope boxes (Labels > For Envelope Boxes). Version 3.1 allows you to print blank labels when numbers are not consecutive. This ensures labels go on the right boxes, but may waste labels if there are many unused numbers.
(Optional) Print list with new numbers (Reports > Family Information > Envelope Numbers)
  Stick labels on boxes of envelopes. If you have assigned all new numbers, the boxes will be in both numerical and alphabetical order, so sorting is not required. If you have assigned the same numbers, you will also need to sort the envelope boxes.
December Begin distributing envelopes at church.
  Assign additional numbers using the regular family information window (just make sure you enter the correct year).
Early January Finish recording weekly donations from the prior year. Note that you can begin recording donations from a new year before the previous year is complete (and before income tax receipts are printed). The program will know which envelope number applies to which year.

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This page last updated June 15, 2009