PROFESSIONAL BIO of Dave Pickell, musician



Graduating from U.B.C. as a classical pianist in 1976, Dave has been working extensively in the international pop music recording industry since 1980, first as a session keyboard player, then as a producer, writer, and arranger.



Dave has written music for corporate presentations by Mutual of New York, Mitsubishi, Jim Pattison, Concord Pacific, Uniglobe Travel, General Paint, Telus, and others. He scored the Microsoft AGM in 1997, and performed for the event on site in Orlando, Florida.  He has written and arranged commercials for a long list of clients which includes Mattel, McDonalds, General Motors, Silverwing Holidays ("I Need A Vacation"), the NHL's Vancouver Canucks and Calgary Flames, Tabasco, and Health and Welfare Canada, and has recently composed scores for The Learning Channel and Life Network.  Dave's the creator of the theme and all the incidental music in the HGTV series "Love it or Lose it", and the theme music for the series "UberGuide".  "Bulging Brides", "Last 10 Pounds Boot Camp", and "Makeover Wish" have also featured his themes and scoring.



His songs have been performed on record by the West End Girls, Boulevard, Shari Ulrich , Nancy Martinez, Carole Medina, VIP , Sanne Salomonsen , Little Wolf (with Jim Wilson), Michael Burgess, TULKU, Lara Fabian , Anne Murray , Aaron Neville, Amy Sky , Dan Hill , Jacky Cheung , Olivia Newton-John, Patti LaBelle, Angel Chan, Mink, Sun, Sammi Cheng and Robbie Robertson , among others. A Dave Pickell song is used in Oliver Stone's movie "Any Given Sunday" (starring Al Pacino) and in "Flight of the Unicorn" (starring Beau Bridges). Many of his titles have been released internationally, both in English and in translation. Many of his copyrights are administered by Warner-Chappell Music, others by Nettwerk Music Publishing.  His two co-writes with Vougeot garnered, among other awards, the overall grand prize in the Great American Song Contest in both 2003 and 2005.  He also had a #1 hit (Billboard Hits of the World) in August 2000 with "Only Love" (sung by Jackie Cheung).



Major recording credits include Rita MacNeil, Bryan Adams, Mel C (from Spice Girls), Loverboy, Glass Tiger, Amy Sky, Lara Fabian, Carly Simon, Joan Jett, Robbie Robertson , Dan Hill , Kelly Rowland (Destiny's Child) and John Denver .  Recently featured as the band pianist at the talent show in Foxs Tooth Fairy (2010).



Dave's "Coyote Dance" was performed by Robbie Robertson during the opening of the 2002 Olympic Winter Games in Salt Lake City, USA and appeared behind the TV trailer for the Nicholas Cage movie "Windtalkers".

At the Turin Olympics in 2006, the bronze medal winning ice dancing team skated to "Adagio" (his co-arrangement/production recorded by Lara Fabian).

His song "Over My Head" (co-written with Bryan Adams) is featured on the compilation "Women and Song 7", recorded by Sherrie Lea.
"Fame Academy" (German equivalent of American Idol) has recorded "This Time" which is a co-write with Davor Vulama.

Dave produced "The One" with Vanessa Olivarez (American Idol contestant): the song was a co-write with Vanessa and James Collins, and charted as of Jan 2004.

Dave is the co-writer and producer of many of James Collins' releases, including "Good Enough (to Love)", which hit the charts summer 05, "Christmas With You" (charted Dec. 08), and "Cyndi Lauper Said No" (released Feb. 2009).

Fall 05 featured a release by Olivia Newton-John (and other artist guests) of the Amy Sky/Maya Angelou/Dave Pickell co-write "Phenomenal Woman".

Dave's the composer of the theme music for the cable series "UberGuide", after doing "Love It Or Lose It" for 2 seasons.

His arrangement work and playing is  featured on Rita MacNeil's 2008 release.

A summer 2006 highlight was a single release by the artist MINK on AVEX in Japan, of "Hold On To A Dream", a co-write with Rupert Gayle.  It was re-released in 2008 on her greatest hits package.

May 2009 saw another number one, this on the Quebec radio charts for Cyndi Lauper Said No which Dave co-wrote and produced, featuring (once again) long-time partner and collaborator James Collins.

In 2010 Daves been writing with and producing various artists, including Classical Nouveaux and Stephanie Martin.

In between composition and production assignments, he works with an award-winning group of piano and composition students.

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