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In addition to birds, the park is home to a number of mammal species. Beaver and Muskrat live in the park, and signs of Beaver activity are easily seen. Other mammals that may be seen include Mule Deer, Coyote, River Otter and Eastern Cottontail. Caution: Black Bears have been seen in the park and may be encountered on hiking trails and in open areas.

Several frog and salamander species inhabit the park, including Green Frog and Northwestern Salamander. Look for frog egg masses floating in the water.

From late March through August watch for butterflies, including Mustard (Veined) White, Cabbage White, Mourning Cloak, Milbert's Tortoiseshell, Red Admiral, Lorquin's Admiral, Painted Lady, Pale Tiger Swallowtail and Western Tiger Swallowtail.

due to fish enhancement activities, the first spawning Coho Salmon are expected to return in the fall of 1995. They will enter the lake via the fish ladder at the dam.