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The following bird checklists are available for the Lower Mainland Region. Most are site specific. Many checklists are available for other regions of British Columbia.

Are you aware of more current versions of these checklists, or other checklists that are not listed? If so, e-mail detailed information, including who printed the checklist and how to obtain a copy.

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   May 2002 - The taxonomic order, common names and four-letter codes included in the web versions of checklists available below have been updated using the 7th edition of the American Ornithologists' Union (AOU) Check-List of North American Birds (AOU 1998) and its supplement (AOU 2000).

Bird Tracks

Site/Area Number of Bird Species Author(s) Printing Date Source
Boundary Bay Regional Park   225 updated by April L. Mol
(originally compiled by Allen Poynter)
updated 06/02

Burnaby Lake Regional Park 212 George Clulow, Al Grass, Jude Grass, Danny Tyson 03/97 BCWW
Central Fraser Valley 184 Central Valley Naturalists 1996 CVN
Cheam Lake Wetlands Regional Park  

Cheam Lake Wetlands Regional Park

Gord Gadsden

Denis Knopp
updated 01/02


Colony Farm Regional Park 156 Burke Mountain Naturalists 04/96 BCWW
Cypress Provincial Park   113 Brian Self, Al Grass updated 03/01
DeBouville Slough 130 Burke Mountain Naturalists 03/93 BMN
George C. Reifel Migratory Bird Sanctuary 263 Don Pettigrew, John Ireland 03/95 BCWW
Golden Ears Provincial Park 137 Al Grass 08/95 BCWW
Hayward Lake Reservoir Recreation Area 94 Lynn Miller 08/95 BCWW
Iona Island 277 Rick Toochin 11/94 BCWW
Lynn Canyon Park 87 Kevin Bell 1990 LCEC
E.C. Manning Provincial Park

avail. 2003 BCWW
Maplewood Flats 208 Dick Beard 09/95 BCWW
Minnekhada Regional Park 151 Burke Mountain Naturalists 06/93 BMN
Mt. Seymour Provincial Park 114 Al Grass, Vic Adamo
Pitt-Addington Marsh Wildlife Management Area 229 Wilma Robinson 03/94 BCWW
Porpoise Bay Provincial Park 156 Tony Greenfield 04/96 BCWW
Richmond Nature Park 99 Hugh Griffith 01/00
Rolley Lake Provincial Park 90 Al Grass 02/95 BCWW
Sargeant Bay Provincial Park  

Sargeant Bay Provincial Park

John M. Newell

Tony Greenfield
updated 02/03


Serpentine Wildlife Area 175 White Rock and Surrey Naturalists 03/94 BCWW
Shoreline Park 125 Burke Mountain Naturalists 02/95 BCWW
Skagit Valley Provincial Park 199 Denis Knopp 03/97 BCWW
Squamish Estuary 207 Jim Wisnia 10/97 BCWW
Sunshine Coast 271 Tony Greenfield 12/97 BCWW
Vancouver 406 Rick Toochin 10/98 VNHS

BCP checklist available from:
BC Parks, Lower Mainland District
1610 Mt. Seymour Parkway, North Vancouver, B.C. Canada V7G 1L3
phone: (604) 924-2200
fax: (604) 924-2244

BCWW checklists available from:

British Columbia Wildlife Watch, Ministry of Water, Land and Air Protection
10470 - 152nd Street, Surrey, B.C. Canada V3R 0Y3
phone: (604) 582-5200
fax: (604) 930-7119

BMN checklists available from:

Burke Mountain Naturalists
P.O. Box 52540, R.P.O. Coquitlam Centre, Coquitlam, B.C. Canada V3B 7J4
phone: (604) 937-3483

CVN checklist available from:

Central Valley Naturalists
c/o 7271 LeFeuvre Road, Mount Lehman, B.C. Canada V4X 2C1
phone: (604) 856-4982

FVRD checklist available from:

Fraser Valley Regional District, Parks Department
???, Chiliwack, B.C. Canada ??? ???
phone: (604) ???
fax: (604) ???

GVRD checklist available from:

Greater Vancouver Regional District, Parks Department
4330 Kingsway, Burnaby, B.C. Canada V5H 4G8
phone: (604) 432-6350
fax: (604) 432-6296

LCEC checklist available from:

Lynn Canyon Ecology Centre
3663 Park Road, North Vancouver, B.C. Canada V7G 3G3
phone: (604) 987-5922

RNP checklist available from:

Richmond Nature Park Society
11851 Westminster Highway, Richmond, B.C. Canada V6X 1B4
phone: (604) 273-7015

VNHS checklist available from:

Vancouver Natural History Society
P.O. Box 3021, Vancouver, B.C. Canada V6B 3X5
phone: (604) 737-3057