British Columbia Wildlife Watch - Porpoise Bay Provincial Park Bird Checklist
copyright © A.L. Mol  2003
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156 species
compiled by Tony Greenfield
printed 04/96

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   May 2002 - The taxonomic order, common names and four-letter codes included in this web version of the Porpoise Bay Provincial Park Bird Checklist published in 1996 have been updated using the 7th edition of the American Ornithologists' Union (AOU) Check-List of North American Birds (AOU 1998) and its supplement (AOU 2000).

Bird Tracks

The following is a list of the bird species that may be observed in and around Porpoise Bay Provincial Park. The status of each species is indicated by an abundance level in each of four seasons. The standard four letter code is shown for each species. Due to a lack of information, no breeding status is indicated.

Explanation of Symbols

Seasonal Occurrence
Sp = Spring (March - May)
S = Summer (June - August)
F = Fall (late August - November)
W = Winter (December - February)

Relative Abundance
These symbols represent the likelihood of seeing or hearing a species rather than absolute numbers.
c = common [almost always found on any visit to appropriate habitat in correct season(s)]
f = frequent [not seen on every visit; often found in appropriate habitat in correct season(s)]
o = occasional [regular occurrence but sporadic or local; usually only a few records per year]
r = rare [fewer than 10 records; not occurring every year; unusual in season(s) noted]
ac = accidental [single record; outside normal range or season; may not occur again]

Code Species Spring Summer Fall Winter

PALO Pacific Loon r
r r
COLO Common Loon c o c c

PBGR Pied-billed Grebe r

HOGR Horned Grebe c
c c
RNGR Red-necked Grebe c o c c
EAGR Eared Grebe

WEGR Western Grebe c
c c

DCCO Double-crested Cormorant c c c c
PECO Pelagic Cormorant f o f f

GBHE Great Blue Heron f f f f

TUVU Turkey Vulture f f f

GWFG Greater White-fronted Goose o
SNGO Snow Goose o
CAGO Canada Goose c c c c
MUTE Mute Swan

TRUS Trumpeter Swan o
o o
GADW Gadwall o
r o
EUWI Eurasian Wigeon

AMWI American Wigeon c o c c
MALL Mallard c o c c
BTWE Blue-winged Teal r

CITE Cinnamon Teal r

NOPI Northern Pintail o o f r
GWTE Green-winged Teal f o f f
GRSC Greater Scaup c
c c
SUSC Surf Scoter c
c c
WWSC White-winged Scoter c
c c
LTDU Long-tailed Duck r
BUFF Bufflehead c
c c
COGO Common Goldeneye f
f f
BAGO Barrow's Goldeneye c
c c
COME Common Merganser f f f f
RBME Red-breasted Merganser o
o o

OSPR Osprey f f f
BAEA Bald Eagle c c c c
NOHA Northern Harrier

r r
SSHA Sharp-shinned Hawk o o o o
COHA Cooper's Hawk o o o r
RTHA Red-tailed Hawk f f f f
GOEA Golden Eagle


MERL Merlin o o o o
PEFA Peregrine Falcon r
r r

RUGR Ruffed Grouse o o o o

VIRA Virginia Rail c c c c
AMCO American Coot c
c c

AGPL American Golden-Plover

PGPL Pacific Golden-Plover

SEPL Semiplamated Plover o o

KILL Killdeer c c c c

GRYE Greater Yellowlegs o f f
LEYE Lesser Yellowlegs f f f
SPSA Spotted Sandpiper o o o
WESA Western Sandpiper o c c
LESA Least Sandpiper o c c
BASA Baird's Sandpiper

PESA Pectoral Sandpiper
o o
DUNL Dunlin

LBDO Long-billed Dowitcher
o o
COSN Common Snipe o
o o
RNPL Red-necked Phalarope


PAJA Parasitic Jaeger

BOGU Bonaparte's Gull f o c r
MEGU Mew Gull c o c c
RBGU Ring-billed Gull

CAGU California Gull

HEGU Herring Gull

THGU Thayer's Gull

WEGU Western Gull

GWGU Glaucous-winged Gull c c c c
CATE Caspian Tern

COTE Common Tern


RODO Rock Dove o o o o
BTPI Band-tailed Pigeon o o o

WSOW Western Screech-Owl o o o o
GHOW Great Horned Owl o o o o
NPOW Northern Pygmy-Owl

o o
BDOW Barred Owl o o o o
SEOW Short-eared Owl

NSWO Northern Saw-Whet Owl o
o o

CONI Common Nighthawk

BLSW Black Swift

VASW Vaux's Swift o o o

RUHU Rufous Hummingbird c c

BEKI Belted Kingfisher f f f f

RBSA Red-breasted Sapsucker f f f f
DOWO Downy Woodpecker f f f f
HAWO Hairy Woodpecker f f f f
NOFL Northern Flicker c c c c
PIWO Pileated Woodpecker f f f f

OSFL Olive-sided Flycatcher o o

WWPE Western Wood-Pewee o o

WIFL Willow Flycatcher o o

HAFL Hammond's Flycatcher c c

PSFL Pacific-slope Flycatcher c c

NOSH Northern Shrike r
r r

CAVI Cassin's Vireo f f

HUVI Hutton's Vireo f f f o
WAVI Warbling Vireo f f

REVI Red-eyed Vireo

STJA Steller's Jay f o f f
NOCR Northwestern Crow c c c c
CORA Common Raven c c c c

TRSW Tree Swallow o o

VGSW Violet-green Swallow c c

NRWS Northern Rough-winged Swallow c c

BKSW Bank Swallow

BASW Barn Swallow c c

CLSW Cliff Swallow

CBCH Chestnut-backed Chickadee f f f f

RBNU Red-breasted Nuthatch f f f o

BRCR Brown Creeper f f f f

WIWR Winter Wren c c c c
MAWR Marsh Wren r r o r

AMDI American Dipper o
o f

GCKI Golden-crowned Kinglet c c c c
RCKI Ruby-crowned Kinglet c
f f

TOSO Townsend's Solitaire r

SWTH Swainson's Thrush o c f
HETH Hermit Thrush r

AMRO American Robin c c c o
VATH Varied Thrush f
f c

EUST European Starling o o o o

AMPI American Pipit f

CEWA Cedar Waxwing o c f

OCWA Orange-crowned Warbler f f f
YEWA Yellow Warbler r r

YRWA Yellow-rumped Warbler c f c
BTGW Black-throated Gray Warbler f f f
TOWA Townsend's Warbler o o o
MACW MacGillivray's Warbler f f o
COYE Common Yellowthroat c c c
WIWA Wilson's Warbler o o o

WETA Western Tanager f f f

SPTO Spotted Towhee f f f f
SAVS Savannah Sparrow o
FOSP Fox Sparrow o
o o
SOSP Song Sparrow c c c c
LISP Lincoln's Sparrow r
SWSP Swamp Sparrow

WCSP White-crowned Sparrow o o o
GCSP Golden-crowned Sparrow o
DEJU Dark-eyed Junco f
f f
LALO Lapland Longspur


BHGR Black-headed Grosbeak

RWBL Red-winged Blackbird o o o o
WEME Western Meadowlark

r r
RUBL Rusty Blackbird

BHCO Brown-headed Cowbird f f

PUFI Purple Finch f f

HOFI House Finch o o o
RECR Red Crossbill f f f f
PISI Pine Siskin c f c c
AMGO American Goldfinch o f o
EVGR Evening Grosbeak o o o o