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The following bird checklists are available for the Skeena Region. Many checklists are available for other regions of British Columbia.

Are you aware of more current versions of these checklists, or other checklists that are not listed? If so, e-mail detailed information, including who printed the checklist and how to obtain a copy.

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Bird Tracks

Site/Area Number of Birds Author(s) Printing Date Source
MacKenzie Nature Observatory  New

North-Central B.C. 214 Prince George Naturalists Club 1988 PGNC
Prince George  New
Prince George Naturalists Club
Queen Charlotte Islands 221 Mary Morris 05/89 MM

PGNC checklist available from:
Prince George Naturalists Club
Box 1092, Station A, Prince George, B.C. Canada V2L 4V2

MM checklist available from:

Mary Morris
Box 131, Queen Charlotte City, B.C. Canada V0T 1S0