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The Squamish Estuary supports a diversity of fish and wildlife populations. It is a vital link in the life cycles of many fish species, including Sockeye, Chinook, Chum, Coho and Pink Salmon, Cutthroat and Steelhead Trout, and Dolly Varden Char. Herring and Eulachon runs are sporadic.

In addition to birds, other viewing opportunities are present. Harbour Seals frequent the estuary and sometimes haul-out on log booms. Killer Whales and other large marine mammals have been observed in the upper Howe Sound area.

The Squamish Estuary is home to many land mammals that are rarely seen, including Mule, Coyote, Raccoon, Douglas' Squirrel, Northern Flying Squirrel, Muskrat, Beaver, Bobcat, River Otter, Mink, Spotted Skunk, Cougar, Snowshoe Hare, Black Bear and many species of small rodents and bats.

Garter snakes are sometimes observed. Frog choruses are best in the springtime.