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The following map will assist in locating 8 wildlife viewing sites in the Mission area of the Lower Mainland Region. These sites are featured in the Visit Our Wildlife in Mission brochure. There is a series of Visit Our Wildlife brochures.

For wildlife viewing highlights and detailed directions to each site:

Detailed Location Map   (click here for a map showing the location of the above 8 viewing sites)
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General Information
    The Mission Region, including Nicomen Island and Harrison Mills, is home to a wealth of natural areas and parks. Wildlife and fish make their year-round or seasonal homes in these special places.

    In this brochure you will find information on 8 areas where you may visit our wildlife. These areas are recognized by British Columbia Wildlife Watch, the provincial wildlife viewing program, as sites offering good viewing and educational opportunities.

    This Region stretches from the Stave River in the west to the Harrison River in the east, and from the Fraser River in the south to the forested mountains in the north. It includes many small communities, including Ruskin, Dewdney, Deroche, Lake Errock and Harrison Mills.

Bald Eagles

    While there is a small resident population of Bald Eagles that nest throughout the Fraser River estuary, the birds observed here are from areas north of the Lower Mainland, including the mid to upper Pacific coastline, and many interior lakes and rivers.

    The Bald Eagle is a large dark brown to blackish-bodied raptor that attains a white head and tail when it reaches maturity, sometimes as late as 4.5 years old. Until that time the plumage varies from an all brown juvenile stage through a series of brown plumages that show varying degrees of white on the belly, underwings and back, with dark or mottled head and tail.

    The average wingspan of a Bald Eagle is 203 cm (80 in), with a range of 168 to 234 cm (66 to 99 in). Body length averages 70 cm (31 in), with a range of 77 to 97 cm (28 to 38 in). Bald Eagles look heavier than they really are. The average eagle weighs 4.3 kg (9.5 lb), with a range of 2.9 to 6.3 kg (6.5 to 14 lb). Females are usually one-third larger than males.

Tourism Information

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Wildlife Are Everywhere

    While opportunities to observe or to learn about wildlife and fish populations are highlighted at 8 sites, remember, wildlife are everywhere. Visit these sites to develop your observation skills. Once you do, you will see, hear and find evidence of creatures everywhere you go.

    When visiting these areas please remember that you are visiting wild creatures in their home. Leave their homes clean, and keep your pets under control on a leash at all times.

    Some animals are only present for short periods of time, so it is best to plan your visit when they are at home.