"For Whale's Sake" (by Jackie Hildering) articles can be linked to in the blue bars - Links relating to the theme of the article are found under each blue bar. 

December 07  - Save Our Salmon
- See www.savebcsalmon.ca and please sign the petition.
- Letter to the Prime Minister and your MP http://www.ourfish.ca/en/email-mp  

November 07 - Young Naturalists Watch Whales (by Paige Aoki)

- Young Naturalist Club of British Columbia
"Helping the Whales"

October 07 - Spilt whales (diesel spill in Robson Bight)

- "After the Spill - Robson Bight".  See the video by Twyla Roscovich of "Calling from the Coast" re. the Bight 6 weeks after the spill
- Save Robson Bight webpage with latest news bulletins
-Action alert on Robson Bight.
  E-mail the Fisheries Minister (suggested text provided or you can edit it) and donate to the efforts to conduct an underwater investigation. 
- Living Oceans for video, clippings and fundraising efforts. 
- Updates from OrcaLab.  Includes sound sample they captured of equipment hitting the ocean bottom. 
- Images of the barge and spill
- Brief video regarding the spill 

September 07 - Sixgill shark

COSEWIC report on the threats to the bluntnose sixgill shark 

August 07 - Your Ecological Footprint

On-line ecological footprint calculators:
1.  “Redefining Progress”  - vailable in many languages and provides a comparison of your result for other members of your country.  
2.  Canadian organization  "Ecovoyageurs
3.  "Conservation International"
Lesson plan on ecological footprinting
Ecological Footprints from Around the World

July 07 - One Whale - "T2"

Sources:  Ford JKB, Ellis GM; Transients – Mammal-Hunting Killer Whales of BC, Washington State and Southeast Alaska; Hoyt, Erich; Orca: The Whale Called Killer

June 07 - Ode to the Oceans

May  07 - Bad, Bad Batteries

Why battery recycling is important 
Recycling Council of British Columbia
Nanaimo Recycling Exchange
Call2Recycle programme
- Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation 
Lesson plan from the Call2Recycle programme, includes everything from the history of batteries to why they should be recycled.
Health impacts of nickel
, cadmium lead mercury and  copper
Reports from the Canadian Household Battery Association 

April 07 - Earth Day

March 07 - Electronic Waste 

February 07 - Climate Change

January 07 - Living in Paradise

December 06- Killer Whale Adoption Programme

November 06 - Brominated Fire Retardants