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Helping the Whales          

Compiled by Jackie Hildering, Last updated: July 25th,  2007

The following is intended to provide direction in what we all can do reduce stresses to whales as they are serving as ambassadors of the state of marine ecosystems. We are all connected to these astounding animals and impact their welfare no matter how far we may live from an ocean.  Every little bit of positive action helps.  ____________________________________________________________________________
Inspiration (Wonder Water Web):  Short motivational video on the importance of the ocean 

Click here for a summary of simple actions to reduce chemicals in the environment. 

*Seven more in depth ACTION points follow below.  

1.      Become informed about the stresses that whales endure and share this knowledge 

a.  Overview:


c.  Whaling, Culling and Captivity:

d. Sonar and general noise issues

    e.  Marine debris

    f. Latest reports on issues facing whales / oceans:  

2.      Reduce consumption of the world’s resources.  Become aware of your ecological footprint and work to reduce it.  Don’t buy into the consumerism paradigm.   

3.      Use non-toxic; biodegradable; “earth-friendly” products.  The following links provide insights and alternatives   

4.      Live by the precautionary principle/approach using your power as a consumer and voter to ensure that we find out first if practices are dangerous to the environment before we proceed with them.      

5.      Undertake direct action to ensure that the bioaccumulative Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) are no longer used nor created.  Ensure that governments take on a “cradle to grave” approach to chemicals; that new chemicals must be tested and that manufactures have responsibility for the full life cycle of the chemicals. Note that this is currently not a policy of the  US  “Environmental Protection Agency”.   

6.      Support research, conservation and undertake action to stop the barbarity of whaling 

7.      Educate 
(lesson plans by J. Hildering)

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