Conservation Links

 Incredible Invertebrate Links (fish and algae too)

General:  - one stop fantastic resource for marine education delivered by the Bamfield Marine Station, British Columbia.  “Ask a scientist” and “oceanlinks” offer a sea of information! American Museum of Natural histories "the study of" webpage for Marine Biology at an elementary and middle-school level. For an introduction to oceans, start at “What’s the Big Idea”. To explore related concepts, follow he little red asterisks that pop open multimedia lessons. Free registration allows you to collect cards from each station, and to submit projects for possible publication. - Vancouver Aquarium’s web data base of frequently asked questions about marine ecosystems 

* - search for the organism of choice and select for links, audio or video! Remarkable site.  - Ecotrust site with archives – find marine related articles by using search on right frame and clicking “all dates” - Monterey Aquarium resources.  Much focus on tropical rather than temperate organisms though.

Underwater video and slide shows:

* - video archive of invertebrates from Race Rocks - video of six gill sharks near Hornby Island  - fantastic resource for all kinds of invertebrate videos.  Just type in the name of the species you want to find video of like "octopus".  

Of special note is the video of the octopus and shark interaction and the clam escape response to a sea star and the octopus squeezing through a tight space (you have got to see this!)  

Fantastic video of how well octopus can camouflage.  Not "our" species of octopus but the Giant Pacific octopus is as capable of "hiding in plain sight" as this species is. - Go to "creatures" to see some wonderful clips of the Giant Pacific Octopus; Wolf Fish and a nudibranch species. - view a tropical octopus species with a neat trick to escape predators. It lifts up six of their arms and walk backward on the other two. - go to video gallery. All video from BC other than that of the stingray. - live kelp cam at Monterey Aquarium  animated tour under the Pacific Ocean, click images or links.  - virtual dive in Great Barrier Reef  - virtual dive in a kelp forest near Monterey

Virtual Tide-pools

* - PBS virtual tide-pool 3D  - virtual tide-pool, click on the species drawing to find out more about the organism  

Oceanography: - “Discover Canada’s Oceans” - go to “Tides” to download an animation of the causes and nature of tides - “Little known facts about the ocean”  - quick ocean facts A COASTAL JOURNEY, "follows a marine biologist and his school-aged daughter as they travel a northwest rocky shore at low tide. The site,(elem-12) covers tidal dynamics, coastal geology, intertidal stratification, and plant/animal adaptations." - short animation about hydro-thermal vents

Invertebrates: - Classification of marine invertebrates - online B.C. intertidal field guide from Bamfield Research Station  - on line field guide  - British Columbia Creature Page – excellent resource - British Columbia seashell page - all the best from the enchanted learning website.  Intertidal zonation and abundant invertebrate printouts; also plankton printouts - many links to mollusc resources  - information on 6 invertebrates found in the intertidal of rocky shores - “Shorekeepers Guide to Monitoring for Monitoring Intertidal Habitats in Canada’s Pacific Waters” – good identification guide of organisms but divided by phylum which makes use more appropriate for older students.  - Georgia Strait’s intertidal zone species quick list - encyclopedia of the sea

Kelp (algae/seaweed): - amazing uses and classification of seaweeds. - “algae the forgotten treasure of tidepools” images and information - from BC Creature page - Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre – structure and classification. - photomural of bull kelp - dive images at Race Rocks + music = inspirational - detailed information about bull kelp


* - brilliant site showing pictures of plankton and what organism it will develop into - long live phytoplankton!  Short animation on the importance of phytoplankton. - plankton guide   - plankton guide - lesson plan for teaching about plankton

Rockfish: - great facts, video and game from the Vancouver Aquarium

Diving: - information on the physical dangers of diving - history of diving - interactive quiz on the realities of diving - “How deep can they go”  - shows relative depths of various organisms and technologies.