Smart Consumerism  = Conservation - webpage aimed at cool eco-aware teenagers all about taking action!

Calculate your ecological footprint:

Lesson plan on ecological foot-printing  

On-line ecological footprint calculators (
1. “Redefining Progress” - available in many languages and provides a comparison of your result for other members of your country. Start by clicking on your country.  Don't give your email address. 
2.  Canadian organization "Ecovoyageurs"
3.  "Conservation International"

The "Story of Stuff" - 20 minute video that reminds us all of "the impact of consumerism and materialism on global economies and international health." 

See if you tell the difference between “designer” and “non-designer” clothes

Consumer awareness for teens - webpage aimed at eco-aware teenagers with solutions, music, etc.
- Shopping quiz 
- The secret lives of light bulbs; hamburgers; showers and paper 

"Greena Planet Saver" games 
- This is your lifestyle game 
- Save the planet game 

Take the Green Squad Assignment! 

Water conservation game

Also see point 2 on the "Helping the Whales" page