No. First Line Meter Tune(s)
151 My days are gliding swiftly by (see note below) Meikle Holm°
Shining City*
152 My chains are snapt, the bonds of sin are broken Palm°
153 My God, I am Thine (see note below) PM Thine the Glory*
154 My God! what cords of love are Thine CM Philippi
155 Midst the darkness, storm, and sorrow The Pleading Voice°
Hold the Fort
156 My Shepherd is the Lamb SM Zurich*
157 My God, I have found (see note below) PM Thine the Glory*
158 My hope is built on nothing less (see note below) Eaton*
St. Hermas
The Solid Rock*
159 My Redeemer! O what beauties! Regent Square*
160 My rest is in heaven, my rest is not here Judah
161 My Saviour, whom absent, I love David°
162 No condemnation! O my soul CM Farrant*
163 My tongue shall spread the Saviour's fame CM Emmanuel*
164 My soul amid this stormy world CM Farrant*
165 My God, my Father, while I stray Troyte's Chant
166 My sins were laid on Jesus Golden City
167 No bone of Thee was broken Munich*
168 Now I have found a Friend Worship
169 Now, in a song of grateful praise LM Ernan*
170 Not all the blood of beasts SM Boylston*
171 No blood, no altar now PM Kelso°
172 O Blessed Saviour! is Thy love CM Dublin
173 O Blessed Lord, what hast Thou done! CM St. Bernard*
174 O Blessed Saviour! who but Thou CM Epworth°
St. Bernard*
175 O Christ! we rest in Thee Manoah°


  1. The tune Meikle Holme is actually Therefore, for BHBs with a chorus, just sing it as the second verse.
  2. This tune is also known as Morningside or Revive Us Again.
  3. See note above for Hymn 153.
  4. The tune Solid Rock is actually