No. First Line Meter Tune(s)
201 O Lord, how much Thy Name unfolds CM St. Agnes, Durham*
202 O Lord, when we the path retrace CM St. Kilda
203 O Love divine, how sweet Thou art! Redeeming Love°
204 O Lord, where'er Thy people meet LM Berkshire
205 O Lord, who now art seated (see note below) Morning Light*
206 O Lord, Thy love's unbounded (see note below) Morning Light*
207 O God, our help in ages past CM St. Anne*
St. Magnus*
208 O What a lonely path were ours CM Lynnwood°
209 O What a Saviour, that He died for me! PM Verily, Verily*
210 O our Saviour, crucified! Battishill°
211 Once more before we part Broadlands
Spanish Hymn°
212 On Christ salvation rest secure LM Worcester
Duke Street*
213 One there is above all others Tenderness°
Ar Hyd Y Nos*
214 On Thy broken body feeding Deerhurst*
Vesper Hymn*
215 O Patient, spotless One! SM Ebford
216 O precious blood, O glorious death CM Emmanuel*
217 O spotless Lamb of God, in Thee LM Rockingham*
218 O Thou spotless Lamb of God Zacher
219 Our Father! O what gracious ways LM Melcombe*
220 Our Father! we would worship Pilgrimage°
221 Our souls are in God's mighty hand CMD Haven of Rest°
222 Our times are in Thy hand SM Boylston*
223 Our Lord is now rejected PM Crowning Day*
224 Ours are peace and joy divine (see note below) PM Love of Christ°
225 O what shall we feel in Thy presence when first (see note below) Security°


  1. The tune of Morning Light was actually written by George J. Webb, so this tune of Webb might actually be Morning Light itself.
  2. See preceding note.
  3. The tune Love of Christ is likely the same as Love at Home as noted in some hymn books.
  4. Some BHBs have the tune Hiding In Thee listed which, like Security, was also composed by Ira D. Sankey. Both tunes appear to be almost identical except that Hiding In Thee is