No. First Line Meter Tune(s)
251 Saviour, we remember Thee! Zacher
252 Sweet feast of love divine! SM Zurich*
253 Sweet are the seasons when we wait LM Melcombe*
254 Saviour, through the desert lead us! Mannheim*
255 Sun and Shield, O Lord, art Thou Dix*
256 Sweet is the savour of His Name LM Mainzer*
257 Sweeter sounds than music knows Innocents*
258 Sweet the moments, rich in blessing Sharon°
Evening Prayer*
Love Divine*
259 Take the world, but give me Jesus Nain
Take The World*
260 The atoning work is done Lawe's Psalm 47°
St. John's*
261 The Cross! the Cross! the blood-stained Cross! CM Joshua
The Cross
262 The cloudless day is nearing (see note below) Morning Light*
Day of Rest*
263 The glory shines before me Pilgrimage°
Day of Rest*
264 The Cross! the Cross! (see note below) PM Standard
265 The countless multitude on high (see note below) LMD Redemption Ground+
266 The day of glory bearing Endsleigh
267 The Gospel of Thy grace PM Good News
268 The happy morn is come Darwall's 148th*
269 The Head that once was crowned with thorns CM St. Magnus*
270 The holiest now we enter Missionary*
271 The Lamb of God to slaughter led CM Evan*
272 The Lord Himself shall come DSM Nearer Home°
273 The God of Abraham praise Leoni*
274 There is a fountain filled with blood CM Windsor
I Do Believe*
275 The Lord is risen indeed! SM Augustine
St. Michael*


  1. The tune of Morning Light was actually written by George J. Webb, so this tune of Webb might actually be Morning Light itself.
  2. To make the tune Yarmouth fit, try repeating the 4th line from the top of each verse when you reach the end of a verse (ie sing "March on, March on" again at the end of verse one).
  3. When singing this hymn to London, repeat the last line