No. First Line Meter Tune(s)
276 The Lord of Glory! Who is He? Luther's Hymn°
277 The Lord is risen: now death's dark judgment flood Troyte's Chant
Song 22*
278 The night is wearing fast away Friendship*
279 There is a fold whence none can stray CM Lynnwood°
280 The Saviour lives, no more to die LM Mainzer*
281 The sorrows of the daily life LM Mason
282 The love that Jesus had for me Tongue Can Tell°
283 The veil is rent: Lo! Jesus stands CM St. Peter*
284 The night is far spent, the day is at hand PM Datchet
285 There is a name I love to hear (see note below) CM Belmont*
How I love Jesus*
286 The wanderer no more will roam Content
287 Thy Name we bless, Lord Jesus! Zoan II
288 Thou art coming, O our Saviour! Thou Art Coming°
289 Through Thy precious body broken Tenderness°
290 Thou hidden love of God, whose height Giessen
Vater Unser*
St. Petersburg*
291 Thy broken body, gracious Lord LM Rockingham*
Federal Street*
292 Thou often here we're weary Salvatori°
293 Through the dark path of sorrow Security°
294 Thou, my everlasting portion! PM Close To Thee*
295 Thy love we own, Lord Jesus Cyprus+
296 Through the love of God our Saviour Evensong
297 Twas love that sought Gethsemane Ezra
298 This world is a wilderness wide David°
299 Till He come! O let the words Studley
Redhead (Petra)*
300 Tis we, O Lord, whom Thou has shown LM Winchester New*


  1. When singing the hymn to How I Love Jesus include this chorus:

    O how I love Jesus,
    O how I love Jesus,
    O how I love Jesus,
    Because He first loved me!