No. First Line Meter Tune(s)
326 With joy we meditate the grace CM Harington*
327 Hark! hark! hear the glad tidings PM Glad Tidings°
328 Worthy, worthy is the Lamb! PM Warwick Lane+
329 I am Thine, O Lord! I have heard Thy voice PM Draw Me Nearer*
330 I will never, never leave thee Constancy+
331 With steady pace the pilgrim moves CM St. Magnus*
332 O Thou whose bounty fills our cup CM Abridge*
333 Just as I am, without one plea (see note below) Woodworth*
334 Come ye, who bow to sovereign grace CM Sawley*
Sennen Cove
335 Come sing, my soul, and praise the Lord
LMD Redemption Ground+
336 Endless praises to our Lord
Orientis Partibus
337 Father of mercies! in Thy Word CM Tallis' Ordinal*
Tiltey Abbey
338 Hark! how the blood-bought hosts above Praise: Piety°
Grace Triumphant
339 Here, O our Lord, we see Thee face to face Penitentia*
St. Agnes
340 Is it Thy will that I should be LM Angels' Song*
St. Luke*
341 Jesus, the Christ! Eternal Word! LM Arizona*
342 Join all the glorious names Darwall's 148th*
343 Light of the world, shine on our souls CM French
Nox Praecessit*
344 Low in the grave, He lay PM Christ Arose*
345 O Safe to the Rock that is higher than I (see note below) Hiding In Thee*
346 O Lamb of God, we lift our eyes Eastgate°
347 O How the thought that I shall know For Ever
348 O They've reached the sunny shore! Song of Praise+
349 Poor, weak, and worthless though I am LM Warrington*
350 Rock of Ages! cleft for me (see note below) Toplady*
Readhead 76*


  1. Woodworth is actually LM.
  2. Some BHBs have the tune Security listed which, like Hiding In Thee, was also composed by Ira D. Sankey. Both tunes appear to be almost identical except that Security is
  3. Readhead 76 is also known as Petra.