Where will you spend eternity?

Do you know your sins forgiven?

Do you have peace with God?

Are you prepared to meet God?

Have you thought about your soul?

Are you saved?

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  • Friend, which way are you traveling?

    Behold The Open Door The Broad Road The Narrow Road Why Get Located? Calling Saints to Glory The Article of Death Into The Ground The Father's House Punishment for Sin The Closed Door The Believers' Reward The Tribulation Period Battle of Armaggedon The Millennial Reign of Christ Final Judgment of Unbelievers The Eternal Burnings Lasting Peace and Joy Forever John 1:29 | The Open Door | The Broad Way | The Narrow Way | Why Get Located? | Rapture of Believers | Death | The Grave | Heaven | Hell | The Closed Door | Judgment Seat of Christ | The Tribulation | Battle of Armaggedon | The Millennium | The Great White Throne | The Lake of Fire | New Heavens & New Earth | Eternity

    The "Two Roads, Two Destinies" chart that you see above aptly indicates the destiny of every human being who has, who is, and who ever will be born into this world. This includes you. You will notice that while you are alive, you are really on one of two roads: the Broad Way or the Narrow Way. Where are you located on this chart?

    Dear soul, consider the words of the following Sunday School Hymn:

    There are two ways built for little feet,
    That's the Bible story,
    The broad way is with danger filled,
    The straight one leads to glory.

    Which way are you traveling?
    Which way are you traveling?
    Which way are you traveling?
    The broad or narrow way?

    Friend, after this life is over, have you thought about where you will be in eternity?

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