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Invitation to Submit a Manuscript

Teachers frequently develop excellent strategies and programs but often do not
have opportunity to share them. St. Clair Press began in Australia when Ken
Watson from the University of Sydney could not find good materials on teaching Shakespeare for his English methods students. He therefore asked teachers to
write packages on various Shakespearean plays and published and sold them
himself. This grew to include many of the teacher support books on this site
before Ken retired and sold the business to Phoenix Education.

Although this site covers most of the major topics in the teaching of English,
there are still gaps. One such gap is Canadian versions of such books as Half
, Legends, Heroes, Villains, Top Drawer from Australian Contemporary
, and Ten Out of Ten. For example, the editor of Ten Out of Ten asked ten of Australia’s best current authors of stories for teenagers to choose a story relevant
to this age group and to suggest teaching strategies and approaches suitable for
the literature. A similar book might be produced by contacting Canadian writers
of stories for teenagers. Contacting two dozen Canadian poets might result in a
similar book on Canadian poetry.

If you have developed other programs—such as spelling, reading, creative writing, technical writing, literature, ESL, and so on—send me a one or two page outline
which we can submit to Phoenix Education or another publisher who supplies
books to English Language Arts Resources. You might find that having a writing
team with one or two colleagues not only provides a greater range of ideas, but
also gives you motivation to keep on track during challenging times. You might
want to examine one of the books in the Shakespeare Workshop Series, or on
oracy, or on teaching written composition to get a sense of the kinds of activities
and materials which interest the publishers.

Please send your ideas to:

Joe Belanger,
3857 West 18th Avenue,
Vancouver, B.C. V6S 1B4 Canada

or email drjfbelanger@yahoo.ca
or telephone 604-224-4293.

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