Charlie was a young boy who ran into Veruca at the
Some debate, he was late, and hit the elavator
breaks too late to see
A girl returned from what she'd learned, but
Charlie Bucket's luck had ended tragically
Looking back, he see's his future strewn about the
tracks and pushes button number three

Number one turns darkness into light
Number two makes rude people polite
Number three brings people back to life

She looked up and saw his worried eyes
He looked down and watched Veruca as she rised
They now run the factory quite happily


You are a medicine. I am a germ
You are an apple. I am a worm
You are a thread. I am ragged and

Torn, a part of me is still missing




Jaime is the name of the company you wish to keep
An exhaulted confidante; the resolutely meek,
A beautiful woman, a sarcastic intellect,
A reminder of better times. She's perfect

A word for hope when there's none in sight
She's so damn high, she's a satellite
She knows my problems when I don't know what to do

Jaime is a word for friend


I'm the boy who flips on that old film strip
On that trampoline. Just a laughing teen
I was just a bean. Now I bleed caffeine
My words are obscene. I am a machine

I am a program. I am friends with Tron
The parade's baton. My space suit is on
I am a program, driving a trans-am
I wish I was Tron. My spacesuit is on

Behind glass I see a world against me
Aluminized glove (feels) anything but love
I wear my space suit
Kaput or compute, my vision is blurred

Buckets of paint on this brush
I will not give up
I'm painting my life as if it were right


I nearly died the day I last ate
Ordered the soup du jour, admired her perfect face
I'm in this restaurant. I'm going to eat again


See saws, slides, and swing sets ponder long
Division learned in school
Beneath, kids eat sticks

Teachers see ants between their teeth
Creatures that make it hard to breath
Creatures that make it hard to breath
Listen to the school chime
A check, an 'X', it is lunch time

You are here for good
Do just what you should
Don't be bad, be good

Principle number one, two, three,
For five long years you supervised me
Can you know your right from wrong,
And you know you're right from wrong


Let me tell you about a boy
Born to hate and lives to destroy
Everything that you might enjoy
Everything that you might enjoy

You are mean
You are thirteen

But I am ten
And I will fight you again

I have a pet chimpanzee,
A dog, a cat, a bumblebee,
I like eating parmesan
I wish I was like spiderman

I am scared of vampire bats,
Of circus clowns and acrobats
I looked up and said "oh man"
I will not eat green eggs and ham


Randomly open, your perfect frown is broken
I'm taking a holiday, land across blue ocean
Enjoying a nap and dreaming about Tolkien
Silently woken by a beautiful woman

All I wanted
Was connected
All she noticed was
So far down