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Building Energy Analysis Services

We help building owners save energy and money in both new and existing buildings.  We offer integrated design assistance and building auditing, modelling and analysis services to help identify energy saving opportunities.

Integrated Design Analysis

EnerSys works with design teams to cost effectively maximize the energy savings in new buildings.  Our unique approach allows us to provide modelling analysis in a workshop setting to explore the energy and cost implications of different design options.  Our quick feedback allows designs team to make informed, energy-wise decisions -- oftentimes leading to design changes during workshops.  We also can evaluate whether or not the designs will qualify for LEED or local incentive programs. 

We offer this service in conjunction with incentive programs (e.g., BC Hydro's Design Assistance program, Enbridge Consumer Gas's Design Advisory Program).  Find out more about our integrated design analysis projects.

Building Auditing, Modelling and Analysis

Existing buildings have many opportunities for saving energy and costs.  EnerSys provides building audit and modelling services to help identify cost-effective, energy efficient opportunities. We also have modelling expertise to verify compliance with various energy codes.  Find out more about the projects we have completed.